Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs


The Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs is one of the key organs of the university management and the main office is situated in the Central Administration building, Tamale Campus, with supporting offices at all the four campuses of UDS. The office works with the support of the entire management and more especially with the offices of the Vice-Deans of Students, Counselling Units and Senior Hall Tutors to provide general welfare services for students. The office also co-ordinates the activities of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the various students’ groups on the campuses. It further serves as the link between the University management and the various students’ bodies.

Office of the Dean of Students, Tamale Campus




Dzomeku, I. K.

B.Sc. (Ghana), P.G.D (Norway), MSc (Kumasi), Ph.D (Reading)

Associate Professor/Dean of Students

Thompson, J. D.

Dip. Ed., BA (SS) M.Phil (Cape Coast)

Senior Assistant Registrar


Office of the Senior Hall Tutor, Tamale Campus




Ameade, E. P. K.

BPharm, MPharm (Kumasi), MPSGh

Senior Lecturer/Senior Hall Tutor, SMHS

Kumoji, H. N.

B.Ed (Cape Coast) MSc. (Tamale)

Assistant Lecturer/Senior Hall Tutor, SAHS


The Tamale Campus has two hostels; the hostel at the Tamale Campus and the Clinical hostel at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH). The Tamale hostel has a bed capacity of 200. With the high demand for bed space at the hostel during the 2016/2017 academic year, some students were still demanding for space even after all the bed spaces had been filled. The hostel, popularly called Tamale hostel, has three (3) porters and two (2) security guards but no administrative staff to assist the Senior Hall Tutor perform her administrative duties. Accordingly, hall executives at the hostel assist the Senior Hall Tutor with such duties when it becomes necessary.

The Clinical hostel at TTH has 8 flats each made up of two rooms, a hall, toilet and bath, a balcony and a kitchen. Twenty-three students, majority of them being medical students, currently occupy the hostel, even though the facility has a capacity of 32 students if each room is occupied by two students. The hostel which was commissioned on 11th April, 2011 has not seen any renovation since its opening hence it is in a deplorable state and needs a facelift. The hostel has two female cleaners, one male casual worker, and two security personnel who are on duty (both day and night).

There is a second uncompleted hostel behind the Clinical hostel which when completed can accommodate at least 40 students. In view of this, efforts should be made to get this facility completed so that the many clinical students who desire to be close to the hospital, can get some reprieve from the transportation cost and other inconveniences associated with staying far away from their point of training.


Office of Vice-Dean of Students, Nyankpala Campus




Adu-Gyamfi, R.

B. Sc. (Tamale) M. Phil., Ph.D (Reading)

Senior Lecturer/Vice Dean of Students Affairs

Addah, W.

B. Sc. (Tamale) M. Phil. Ph.D (Alberta)

Senior Lecturer/Senior Hall Tutor (Male)

Dari, L.

B. Sc. (Tamale) M. Phil. Ph.D (KNUST)

Lecturer/Senior Hall Tutor (Female)


The Nyankpala Campus has three halls and a graduate hostel with a total bed capacity of 523. The halls are Alhassan Gbanzaba, Union and Nyankpala. The new hall being funded by Islamic bank and GetFund has not been completed for occupancy. There is urgent need for three hundred and ninety five (395) metal beds and high density mattresses, of same number, to replace the old worn out beds and mattresses.

There are 43 ‘hostels’ on the Nyankpala Campus and 15 in the Nyankpala Township which can accommodate between 3 and 30 students.

There is one Administrative Assistant in the Vice-Dean of Students’ office and seven porters in the three halls. Nyankpala hall has three porters, Union hall has two and Alhassan Gbanzaba also has two.


Office of the Vice-Dean of Students, Wa Campus




Ziemah, M. M. K.

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Kumasi)

Lecturer/ Vice Dean of Students Affairs

Achana, G. T. W.

B.A. (Ghana), M.Phil. (Oslo)

Lecturer/Snr. Hall Tutor (Male)

Debrah, I. A.

B.Ed., M.Phil. (Cape Coast)

Lecturer/ Snr. Hall Tutor (Female)

Bagah, J. S. K.

B.A., M.Phil. (Tamale)

Junior Asst. Registrar, Vice-Dean of Students Office


The Wa Campus has five halls namely; Upper West, Cardinal Dery, Jubilee, Royal and Limann halls. With the exception of Jubilee hall which was recently renovated, the other halls though operational, are in a deplorable state. Due to the deplorable nature of the halls of residence and existing poor facilities, all the halls, put together, were not able to accommodate the usual 714 students during the 2016/2017 academic year. They only managed to accommodate 629 students.

As a normal practice, the Office has already allocated 50% of the bed space to continuing students and the remaining 50% reserved for the yet to be admitted fresh men and women for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The Office has 8 staff comprising: 1 Vice-Dean of Students, 2 Senior Hall Tutors, 3 Hall Assistants, 1 Junior Assistant Registrar and1-Senior Administartive Assistant.


Office of the Vice-Dean of Students, Navrongo Campus



Rank/ Position

Ohene, B. A.

B.Sc. (Sokoto), M.Sc. (Kano), PhD (Kumasi)

Snr. Lecturer/Vice-Dean of Students

Luu Yin

B.Com, (Cape Coast), M.B.A (Kumasi), IPMA (UK).ChPA, CIAMC

Lecturer/ Snr Hall Tutor (Male)

Bonye, F.

B.Sc. (Kumasi), M.Sc. (UK)

Lecturer/Snr. Hall Tutor (Female)

Aboyom, I. A.

BA, MPhil (Tamale)

Junior Assistant Registrar Assigned to Hall Tutors


The Navrongo Campus has three halls of residence; one for females (Navro hall) and two for males (Ecowas and Savanna halls), and a total capacity of 336 beds. Out of the number, Navro hall has 156 beds, Ecowas hall has 100 and Savanna hall has 80. It is worth mentioning that Ecowas and Savanna halls have always experienced full occupancy, whiles Navro hall has always struggled to meet its optimum. Nevertheless, for the academic year ending August 2017, the story was different as lots of female students were attracted to the hall because it was given a facelift. Consequently, the Navro hall accommodated 120 students, which was an improvement over the previous years. The other two halls, Ecowas and Savanna, accommodated 100 and 62 students respectively. The capacity of Savanna hall was affected by the use of two rooms for JCR and porter’s lodge. A third room (room number A/5) had a very bad crack in the walls and was declared uninhabitable, but has since been repaired and would be occupied this coming academic year.

There are six porters in the three halls, with each hall having two porters. Two of these porters were upgraded to the position of Hall Assistant during the 2016/2017 academic year.


Students’ Achievements

It is worth mentioning that during the period under review, a student group from the Navrongo Campus by name ENACTUS came second in the national competition tagged. ENACTUS GHANA NATIONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017.

From reports, the team from UDS Navrongo (30 students) spent about 128 volunteered hours to touch the lives of people in Navrongo and Tono with two projects. The team focused on tackling the issue of food insecurity in Northern Ghana because they felt the canker was directly impeding healthy living and development. Accordingly, the team developed an organic fertilizer named ‘Leninpa’ which has the ability to increase crop yield, create employment and improve sanitation. The team also manufactured a rice thresher that manually threshes rice after harvesting.


Guidance and Counselling Unit

The Guidance and Counselling Unit is under the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs. It is headed by a Head Counsellor in the Central Administration, Tamale with Counsellors in all the Campuses of the University serving as Campus Counsellors.





Rank/ Position

Alale, A. A.

B.Ed. (Cape Coast), M.Phil., Ph.D (Winneba)

Senior Asst. Registrar/Head, Counselling Unit, Central Admin

Mba, A. R.

Dip., B.Ed., M.Phil. (Winneba)

Senior Asst. Registrar/Wa Campus Counsellor

Ahmed, B. A.

Dip., B. Ed., M. Phil. (Winneba)

Asst. Registrar/ Navrongo Campus Counsellor

Alhassan, H.

Dip., B. Ed., M. Phil. (Winneba)

Asst. Registrar/ Tamale CampusCounsellor


Programmes and Activities

The Counselling Unit undertook the following Programmes and Activities:

  • Seminars on Preparation towards First University Examination for Level 100 Students/freshers.
  • Seminar on Managing Suicidal Intention of Students.
  • Seminars on Career and Job Seeking Skills for Final Year /Level 400 Students
  • Orientation/seminars on Choice of Courses/Programmes of Study for Level 200 and 300 Students to enable students choose their departments. .
  • Marriage Seminars and Relationship Building for Level 400 Students.
  • Seminar on Study Skills, Time Management and Stress Management.
  • Individual and Group Counselling.
  • Guidance and Counsellor Committee Meetings
  • Counsellors Meetings and Conferences