Constitution of GJDS


The Ghana Journal of Development Studies is an inter-disciplinary Journal with development focus published by the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies of University for Development Studies.  It is established mainly to provide a forum for lecturers, researchers and development-related professionals to re/present findings on critical research and analysis of development issues with emphasis on, but not exclusive to the Ghanaian setting. Emphasis is on empirical research.  However, manuscripts of high quality on theoretical aspects of development-related disciplines and book reviews will be considered for publication.

ARTICLE ONE: Establishment/Name

The name of the Journal shall be known and called the Ghana Journal of Development Studies, herein called GJDS for short.

The GJDS is a Faculty for Integrated Development Studies Journal

ARTICLE TWO: Aim and Objectives

The aim of the GJDS is to provide on a regular and sustainable basis an excellent scholarly journal for reporting empirical research findings, topical issues and theoretical concerns in development related fields of study in Ghana.

Specifically, the GJDS will

  • Provide a forum for scholars to share their research on development issues on Ghana and elsewhere.
  • Seek to re/present community level development actions to a scholarly audience
  • Facilitate the publication of works that blend academic research and rural development initiatives
  • Create conditions for development theorizing and strategizing to be shared with a wider audience


The structure of the GJDS is as follows:

  • Editorial Board
  • Editorial Advisory Board
  • Secretariat
  • Faculty Board of FIDS
  • Team of Reviewers
  • Submitting authors
  • Reading audience

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board comprises appointed members who are the supreme decision makers of the Journal. It is headed by the Editorial Chair and a Secretary

Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board is made up of a team of accomplished who meet periodically to consider the strategic directions of the Journal


The Secretariat is made up of the Editorial Chair, the Secretary, Editorial Assistant and an “Advisor”  

Its secretariat is located in the Center for Graduate Studies and Research, Navrongo Campus


Editorial Review Board

The Editorial Review Board shall meet two times in a year to examine and edit submissions and make plans of publications. 

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board shall meet once a year


The Secretariat shall meet on a regular basis as they make routine decisions regarding the Journal.

Faculty Board of FIDS

The Faculty Board will discuss matters regarding the Journal at its scheduled meetings.


Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is responsible for making final decisions regarding the publications and ensuring that high academic standards are maintained at all times

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board shall advise the Editorial Board on all matters regarding the Journal


The Secretariat shall oversee the day to day administration of the Journal. Its duties include calling editorial, review and advisory meetings, publicize the journal, raise funds to support publications, edit, publish and circulate the Journal. 

Faculty Board of FIDS

As copyright owner of the Journal, the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies is the overall authority of the Journal. Its Faculty Board shall make major decisions regarding the administration and publication of the Journal 

Team of Reviewers

The Team of Reviewers shall be responsible for reviewing submissions to the Journal. Reviewers shall be invited on the basis of their knowledge and skills and depending on the nature of the submissions for a particular period. The Team of Reviewers is a loose, independent academics who shall be invited to review article(s) as and when necessary.

ARTICLE SIX: Constitutional Amendment

The Constitution of the GJDS shall be reviewed periodically and amended when necessary. The amendment can be called by any member of any of the structures through the Secretariat. The Secretariat shall ensure that the call has been discussed at all the level of the GJDS structure. Faculty Board of FIDS shall maintain final authority on all matters.

ARTICLE SEVEN: Financing and Financial Management

The GDJS is currently being funded mainly with grant support from the CAPTURED Project. In the past it was funded by the Danish Embassy in Ghana through Care International-Ghana.

Supplementary funding is being raised through administrations charges in the form of submission fees and publication fees.

The Submission fee is non-fundable as follows: Local: GHC 20.00 Foreign: USD 50.00

Publication fees are charged on articles accepted for publication. This is at a flat rate of Local: GHC 100.00    Foreign: USD 100.00

In addition, copies of the Journal are sold at a moderate fee of GHC 10.00 or USD 10.00 plus shipping and handling charges. All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

A financial administrative system shall be in place to ensure an efficient and effective financial management. To ensure financial prudence the following procedures and practice shall be put in place:

Book Keeping

The Secretariat of the GJDS shall put in place a book keeping and accounting system commensurate to standard accounting and book keeping procedures and practices


The Secretariat shall ensure that proper statements of accounts are prepared, audited and circulated in accordance with established practice

There shall be a once a year auditing of the finances of the GJDS. Auditing on demand shall be done on request.

Bank Accounts and Signatories

The GJDS shall operate two bank accounts, foreign and local, into which all its internally generated funds and foreign currency payments shall be lodged respectively. The accounts shall be checking. All external support especially through University collaborations shall be managed through the University finance system.

Signatories to the accounts shall be the Secretariat:

  • Editorial Chair
  • Editorial Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant
  • An Advisor
  • Any two of the members of the Secretariat shall endorse all cheques and other financial transactions on behalf of GJDS

Office Imprest

The Administrative Assistant with the approval of the Secretariat shall maintain and operate an office imprest for the day to day running of the Journal.

Receipt Book

The receipt book in duplicate will keep records of all sales and help track sales transactions.