ICT Directorate

Director of ICT
The ICT Directorate was established by the University in order to keep up with global trends of integrating the power of information technology to better deliver effective teaching and learning services


To become a Centre of Excellence where the potential of ICT is harnessed to serve as a catalyst for effective teaching, research and learning which is aimed at the promotion of innovation in education technology and transformation of academic excellence.


The mission of the ICT Directorate is to support the successful achievement of the University's vision and mission statement through the effective use of ICT resources.


  • Providing leadership in the execution of ICT services, documentation management, development and implementation of ICT management systems and strategies and technology infrastructure.
  • To provide excellent Student/Staff centred services that are responsive to the changing needs of teaching and learning in higher education.
  • To maintain an effective staff development programme to ensure that ICT staff continue to develop the necessary skills to provide high-quality services and support to Students and Staff

The ICT Directorate is responsible for facilitating the development of ICT systems and infrastructure within all the campuses of the University. The Directorate undertakes a number of software developments and maintenance of various ICT products.

Additionally, the Directorate handles the following functions:

  1. Network design, planning, installation and maintenance
  2. Software and Operating system configuration, testing, installation and support
  3. Changing planning, recording and management for any change to the ICT infrastructure or development environment
  4. Software and License Control for all Software purchased for use within the University
  5. Database/Environment creation, maintenance and administration
  6. Implementation and Monitoring of the best practice information related security processes
  7. Project co-ordination for both internal infrastructure-based and the University-wide projects
  8. ICT Policy & Strategy development and implementation
  9. Maintain server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration
  10. End user ICT training, Data management services and Technical Support Services
  11. Website design and development


Staff of ICT Directorate

Senior ICT Assistant
Systems Analyst
Head of ICT Unit, Wa Campus
Web Master
Senior ICT Assistant
Director of ICT