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Member, Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association (CUA) Ltd

The Credit Union has over 1,130 members all over the campuses of the University (Wa, Navrongo, Nyankpala and Tamale) and is still embarking on a major expansion of its membership to capture all staff on the payroll of the University, their spouses and close relatives who are not on the payroll.

UDS Credit Union has a modern corporate service centre located at UDS Graduate School for its members and has recently introduced school fees savings scheme for its members.

The Credit Union is the leading credit union in Northern Region when it comes to the mobilization of savings and also the number one provider of personal loans. It therefore has the structure, expertise and financial strength supported by strong members' savings to meet demands.

In connection with our drive to reward all members of the Union, the Credit Union is offering both staff and non-staff the opportunity to increase the value of their monies by purchasing our shares and savings' products. The product is designed to develop the assets' base of members for accelerated economic development and also to give members real value for their investment.

Registration Fee

Members are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of Five Ghana Cedis (GHc5.00).

Our Services


The shares are an investment product or a form of investment with guaranteed dividend which allow the prospective investor to save for a term. The Credit Union encourages members and staff of UDS to take advantage of the shares campaign or promotion since the dividend is very attractive. These products are tailored for staff who would want to invest financially for their future.

Why Shares?

  1. The return on your investment (ROI) is guaranteed. The advantage is that the return on your investment is insulated from changes in the interest rate on the market.
  2. It is the best product to grow your financial assets.
  3. The prospective investor has the option of being paid his/her interest or dividend when it is due.

2. Savings

UDS Credit Union believes that savings can contribute in many ways to enhancing its members' security. Savings build members capital for consumption, emergencies and investment and protect them against borrowing from money lenders at exorbitant interest rates. It gives access to loans (as collateral) and also secure members money, reducing wasteful consumption and instilling financial discipline. Through all these means, savings do not only give a sense of security and hope but can also provide members with greater self-esteem, giving members greater voice within their families and greater recognition and status both within and beyond the households. The primary need of members therefore is to find mechanisms to smoothen cash flow by depositing part of their income in a safe place to be accessed in times of need.

3. Loans

You qualify for loan only after six months of continuous savings with the Union and this will attract a maximum of three (3) times your savings as a loan. In the event that you need money due to an emergency before the six months, a loan of up to your total savings may be granted. The interest chargeable is in twofold- 3% reducing balance or 19.5 straight line methods. The option is thus yours to chose one. Servicing of loans is flexible as member could determine the number of months he/she wants to use to repay. However, this should not exceed 36 months. Guarantors are needed to serve as collateral for loans. Loan processing is quite easy.

4. School Fees Savings

There is a school fee savings facility for members who would want to open a separate account. This is only accessible on request during the season of payment of school fees or other related issues. There is no registration fee needed once you are a member and you must save regularly for six months to qualify for loan or withdraw part of the savings.

5. Land acquisition

You also stand to benefit as a member from several acres of land acquired by the Union in certain suburbs of Wa, Tamale and Navrongo. Arrangements are far advanced to acquire more lands at the various satellite campuses.


The performance of UDS Credit Union over a period has been very encouraging as shown by the yearly Audit report of the Union. Auditors who audit the accounts of the Credit Union are jointly from Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association (CUA) and the Department of Co-operatives, Ghana. The financial year of the Credit Union ends in June. The performance or total assets of the Union for the past years have been very impressive.


For more information on the activities of the UDS Credit Union, you please contact the Representative at the Faculties or the address below:

The Chairman
Education Committee
UDS Credit Union
UDS Central Administration
P. O. Box 1350


The UDS Credit Union Office
UDS Graduate School
Tel.: 037-2092312
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In view of the afore-mentioned, we wish to encourage you to be part of the UDS Credit Union which indeed will serve as a post retirement package. It is hoped that this information will help you to take a decision that would improve your financial worthiness and enhance the standard of living of our members.

The following forms are available online for download:

Membership Application Form

Loan Application Form