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Welcome to the homepage of the UDS Alumni Association and the National Secretariat of the Alumni Association. Fellow Alumni of the UDS and Proud members of the 'Unique University of Choice' and affectionately called the 'Developer, join us and lets develop together. This page serves as citadel of communication, information, support and activities. Involvement in the Association and its activities rekindle friendship, regularise membership, support the much appreciated. The site will serve as a campus on click. Remember we are the Proud Members of the Great Adansonia digitata (The Baobab Tree)

Brief History of the Alumni

The Alumni Association of the University for Development Studies (UDS), Tamale existed since the first batch of students graduated in the year 1997. It was however legally registered under the companies' code of Ghana in November 2005. Even though the University first batch of students were in one Faculty (Agriculture), the University has grown to about nine (9) Faculties thus Faculty of Agriculture (Nyankpala Campus), Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources (Nyankpala Campus), Faculty of Education, Law and Business, (Wa Campus), Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (Wa Campus), Faculty of Planning and Land Management (Wa Campus), Faculty of Applied Science (Navrongo Campus), Faculty of Mathematical Science (Navrongo Campus) and two (2) Schools: School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) - (Tamale Campus), School of Graduate Studies (Tamale-Old Central Administration Campus) and a Centre for Continuing Education and Interdisciplinary Research (CCEIR). All the Faculties, Schools and Center are engaged in the training of students in various fields. The Third Trimester Field Practical Training Programme (TTFPP) has also grown from the initial field training attachment to a rural community study of eight (8) weeks. This currently is undertaken in an integrated manner by bringing students from all Faculties to form a multidisciplinary student group which would allow them to interact and study all forms rural life and problems for development. A development plan enumerating the potentials and problems is normally the end product of this programme as well as the uniquely trained UDS Alumnus. Training of medical students at the clinical level has also begun in the Tamale Teaching Hospital and students in the SMHS undertake COBES as a training module in place of the TTFPP. Even though the UDS is growing in academic programmes, the rate of physical infrastructure development is not commensurate with this growth. The role of the Alumni in partnering management of the UDS in this aspect is therefore of immense importance.


To bring together and also grow among members the interest of all by stimulating interaction, networking, strenghtening relationships that are life-long.


To encourage and facilitate interaction of all Alumni whilst partnering the University in the delivery of academic excellence towards national development.


National Executive Committee

The Alumni Association of UDS has a five member National Executive Committee made up of Mr. Felix K. Abagale, National President; Mr. Felix M. Nantogmah, Vice President; Mr. Ibrahim Dokurugu and Mr. Paul Asianab, Secretary and Organising Secretary respectively, and Ms. Tamar Sulemana Amina, Financial Secretary. The office also has Mr. Sulley Mumuni Asam of the University Relation Office as a Coordinator. There are also Regional Chapters for the Northern, Upper West and Greater Accra Regions, of the country whilst the rest of the Regional Chapters will be formed in due course. This would allow for decentralization of Alumni Activities as well as help in the organisation and administration of the noble Association. The support from Management of the UDS in the activities of the Alumni is enormous and must be acknowledged.

Appreciation is also expressed to all past executives who acted in various capacities to bring the Association this far. In your small way, you can also contribute by patronizing the Alumni Associations' souvenirs like stickers and other paraphernalia, attending our meetings and programmes and above all supporting your Alma Mater financially at the regional levels.

Growth of the Association Since 1997


The Association even though had a representation at the University Council since its existence in 1997 had its first ever congress on 7th February 2009 at the Tamale Campus. This congress saw the growth of the Alumni in numbers as the hall was full. This congress saw the election of Mr. Felix K. Abagale as the first elected National President with Mr. Robert Ayamga handing over to him. The Elected National Vice President was Mr. Felix Mustapha Nantogmah whilst Mr. Dokurugu Ibrahim was Elected the National Secretary.
Interest in Alumni Affairs even though was low is currently being picked-up by members day by day. The efforts of the National Executive Committee are bringing about growth in the association. The Executive Committee led by the President embarked on a nationwide exercise to whip up interest in the Association and as well form Regional Chapters. The results of this in the regions visited have been seen to be encouraging and it is hoped that the rest of the regions will follow.

Receiving Added Impetus

The revitalisation of the Association received added impetus from the commitment of members and the support being received from Management of the University


Services and Support

Alumni support to the University has been immense and diverse, coming from individual Alumni members. The Executive body engaged itself in the resolution of the impasse between the University Management and the Student Leadership and Students of the Wa Campus in year 2008/2009. Many Alumni have made significant contributions directly and indirectly to the University, Departments and Faculties; these have included National Service commitments, Teaching as Lecturers, and beneficial links with other institutions within and outside the country - Ghana. The support given by Alumni members especially to students on the Integrated Third Trimester Field Practical Programme as well as the programme cannot be left out. The Alumni have also played a significant role in the administration of the University not only in the Alumni office administration but also by taking its seat on the University Council.
The Association also organises Training Programmes for final year students in the various Faculties especially at the time of completion of their study programmes. 


The membership of the UDS Alumni Association is open to all ‘Developers’ and the following categories of persons:

Full membership

a.) All members who hold certificates from the University as well as honorary graduands.
b.) Persons who were matriculated into the University but who, for some reasons (other than withdrawal or dismissal), could not complete their academic programmes in this University.

Associate Membership

  • Associate membership is open to all employees of the University (past and present) who wish to express their association or romantic attachment to the University in a special way.
  • All spouses of employees (past and present) who wish to express their association or romantic attachment to the University in a special way.
  • All spouses of employees (past and present)
  • Friends of Alumni
  • All corporate bodies, organisations which employ the services of UDS Alumni.
  • All benefactors of the UDS.
  • All relatives and friends of Alumni and / or any corporate body or individual who bears some goodwill for the University.

Alumni Coordinating Office

The Alumni Coordinating Unit is a under the University Relations Office (URO). It plays the role of facilitating a good relationship between the University and its Alumni, specifically the Alumni Association.

The Assistant Registrar of the University Relations Office is in-charge of the office by designation. A Senior Administrative Officer however coordinates the activities of the office and the Alumni Association between the Association and the UDS administration. He/She is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Alumni office as well as the planning, organization and implementation of all its programmes especially in the areas of :

  • Enquiries
  • Information/Communication
    • Alumni News
    • Alumni Magazine
  • Membership Drive/Registration
  • Alumni Programmes, Activities & Sponsored Projects.
    • Alumni Homecoming/Networking/Alumni Lectures
    • Open Forum with Final Year Students
  • Fundraising
    • Merchandise: Souvenir items
    • Other sponsorships


The National Executive Committee makes effort through organisation of Games, and other Social Events to foster Unity and belongingness amongst its members.

Alumni Alumni


The Alumni Association on 30th May 2012 Launched an Alumni Fund called University for Development Studies Alumni Fund (UNIDEVFund). This is expected to contribute financial and material resources for the purpose of delivering academic excellence.
You can contribute to this Fund by contacting the National Secretariat


The Account Details are:

Name of Account: UDS UNIDEVFund
Account No.: 100-0800-5868-01
Bank: National Investment Bank
Branch: Tamale, Ghana

Contact Us

National Office Location and Address:
UDS Central Administration (New Administration Block -Tamale Campus)
P. O. Box 1350
Tamale, Ghana
Telephone(s): (+233) 3720-91786
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Mr. Felix K. Abagale (National President)
UDS Central Administration
P. O. Box 1350
Tamale, Ghana
Phone: +233-24-48-69-838
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